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Thousand Oaks chiropractor Dr. Nick BrockDr. Brock was born in Pasadena, Ca, but raised in a small, northern California town called Crescent City. He saw a chiropractor for the first time at the age of 8, when he injured his neck while on a family vacation.

Even at a young age, he realized the far-reaching benefits of chiropractic health care. Dr. Brock attended the University of California Santa Barbara for his undergraduate studies, where he studied health and exercise science. During his time there, he worked for the Facilities Management Injury Reduction and Prevention Team where he helped them save a considerable amount of money on worker’s compensation costs. He did this by leading group exercise and stretching classes for the employees before their shifts in order to decrease their chance of acute injury.

He has been in the health/fitness industry for 7 years, and is a certified master trainer. Dr. Brock continued personal training locally while attending Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he graduated magna cum laude and class salutatorian. He enjoys helping people reach their health and wellness goals and has found chiropractic to be the best way for him to do that.

Dr. Brock chose the niche of chiropractic biophysics because it is results driven and very effective. This approach allows him to find the underlying structural barriers that keep people from getting well. While pain relief is often the primary goal of most patients that come into the office, Dr. Brock goes beyond that and takes a whole health approach with his patients.

While not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, and is very excited about having recently become a first time dad of a beautiful little girl.


Dr. Brock has done wonders for my daughter and I. She has balance and posture difficulties due to a traumatic brain injury. After 12 weeks of traction and adjustments her co-workers and friends are noticing that she is walking more upright. She is also falling less often. I have been to other chiropractors, but this is the first time I’ve done traction. I believe that my problems will be treated permanently, not just temporarily this time. After traction, adjustments, and following Dr. Brock’s advice I have much less hip/back pain. His office staff is caring, and you never feel pressured or rushed there. Dr. Brock really goes out of his way to help his patients in a kind, caring manner. And I’m back to working out and taking long hikes!

Julie T.

I am an R.N., medical massage therapist and very picky who I go to and who I refer to. Dr. Brock is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a style of structural traction that makes real and lasting changes in the spine and function. I have severe scoliosis and whiplash as well as a short leg. Dr. Nick is the first one who could promise a structural change in a safe and effective way. You won’t find another office in this area with his techniques. In addition to that he is also a physical fitness trainer so he knows how to eat, exercise and help very comprehensively. I like that he does not have to crack me to have a productive visit that makes a lasting difference.
I am grateful that Dr. Nick is in my life and there for my clients as well..

Barbara Arnold-Herzer, R.N., L.M.T.
Owner Body by Design Wellness and Massage Clinic, Inc. in Moorpark

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