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Benefits of Combining Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

November 10, 2016

chiropractic care & massage therapy
Nothing beats that back pain like a good massage. Unfortunately a massage is usually only a temporary solution. Combining both chiropractic care and massage therapy is a more effective treatment for your chronic back pain and sore muscles.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used for many reasons, such as your line of work requiring a lot of strenuous activity or heavy lifting, or being very active in fitness. Old age is also a factor to back pain and not so generous muscles.

Massage therapy helps release tension in the muscles, and helps ease blood flow and stimulate nerve tissue, which are all great for faster natural healing and recovery.

Unless you’re a frequent gym-goer, your muscles probably aren’t getting an intense daily workout. That’s quick to change if you’re suddenly employed at a fulfillment center, however! Between lifting, moving, and handling packages of varying weights and sizes, your muscles are in for a very quick change of pace.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

With massage therapy, muscles are loosened up and blood flow is facilitated. Chiropractic care then comes into play by strengthening the spine, and improving mobility and flexibility.

When the spine is put through heavy duty work, such as work that requires a lot of lifting and moving around or at the gym lifting a lot of heavy weights, it begins to develop subluxations which are misalignments in the spine that are caused by compression and stress the spine endures in these situations.

Combining chiropractic care with massage therapy complements each other in making sure your muscles and spine get effective treatment and also provides the means of avoiding any long term injuries in the spine or muscles.

It is important to always keep your muscles and spine in perfect shape for a better, pain-free and healthy life.

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