Best Mattresses for Back Pain

January 20, 2017

When it comes to back pain, chiropractic care is one of the best treatments because of its ability to release tension in muscles and joints as well as correct any misalignment. Along with chiropractic care, a quality comfort mattress is a good complementary item. Not only that, but sleeping on a bad mattress can also be the reason for your back pain and can worsen it.

The best part about purchasing a new mattress is that most companies offer returns and refunds if you are not satisfied, so why not give it a try? When seeking a new mattress you should look for these specific traits:

  • Back Sleeper – If you are a back sleeper you need a firm and soft mattress. Firm so it can support your lower back, and soft so it can provide a framework for your body. Ideally, a medium firm mattress will do.
  • Side Sleeper – A softer mattress is recommend for a side sleepers as it is important shoulders and hips get the necessary cushion.
  • Stomach Sleeper – A very firm mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers, so they don’t sink in. Stomach sleepers usually sleep on their stomach because of lower back pain.

Mattresses We Recommend

  • Saatva Mattress – Considered a luxury mattress, but affordable because of its direct-to-buyer sale process. The Saatva Mattress has many positive reviews for its effectiveness in reducing lower back pain, as well as its high use in hotels.
  • Amerisleep Mattress – An eco-friendly mattress because of its plant-based foam. It is very supportive, comfortable and best of all, affordable because of its direct-to-buyer sale process. The material used in this mattress has been scientifically proven to increase blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.
  • Helix Mattress – A specialized back pain mattress, the Helix mattress is a customizable mattress that tailors to your back pain relief needs. The mattress is designed according to a questionnaire or by talking to a specialist and has a 100-day return guarantee.

Along with chiropractic care and a good quality mattress, you can expect those back pain issues to go away in the near future.

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