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Neck adjustments are a chiropractic treatment used to provide pain relief associated with the neck. It involves a hands-on physical manipulation of the neck performed by a chiropractor who has spent thousands of hours learning the method and the human vertebrae to execute it safely. Although the thought of getting your neck adjusted can seem terrifying, the risks of something going wrong are rare and the benefits are significant.


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A recent study found that female veterans benefit from chiropractic care for chronic back pain. The American Chiropractic Association study called Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported that female veterans commonly suffer from back pain. Fortunately, veterans have access to chiropractic care through the Veterans Administration.


Looking for ways to make your pregnancy as healthy and comfortable as possible? Pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful or excruciating. It’s common for women during pregnancy to complain about back pain or feeling out of it and sick. The heavy and growing belly serves as clear evidence as one cause of the problem. The spine is being pressured and curved, and being nauseous doesn’t help. With a chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor can correct these problems by treating any misalignments.


Have neck or back pain related to your desk job? Desk jobs can be horrible for your posture and, most importantly, your spine which will lead to pain symptoms. In fact, studies suggest a sedentary state of more than 23 hours per week can lead to a higher risk in heart disease.  Although having a desk job may be inevitable, depending on your career, there are ways to work around it and improve your health.


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Do you think or have been told you have muscle knots? Muscle knots are not literally knots made out of muscle but instead are when many muscle fibers stick to each other, limiting mobility and flexibility. Muscle knots can be caused by poor posture or injuries. Not treating or doing preventative maintenance on those knots can be quite harmful which is why chiropractic care can help.


When it comes to back problems, there seem to be a ton of options. From acupuncture to relief patches at your local pharmacy, it can be hard to determine what really can help you with pain relief. Chiropractic care and osteopathic manipulative treatment are actually both great options for back pain. They are also both great alternatives to surgery, which does carry a small risk and requires downtime after the procedure.


Back pain is a very common problem. The reasons one gets back pain can be due to several conditions. Stretching can be of significant help when it comes to back pain because of its ability to improve blood flow and mobility. Here are three chiropractic stretches that can help you with back pain.


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Are you dealing with limited range of motion problems, such not being able to move or extend your left arm like before. Your mobility can be affected over time due to aging, bad posture, obesity or an accident. Loss of mobility can affect the quality of your life in so many ways and can eventually even lead to pain issues. That’s where chiropractic care can play a vital role.


Chiropractic treatment can actually help the brain. How? Well although chiropractic care is primarily used for neck and back pain, it comes along with other great benefits. In fact, people today don’t necessarily visit a chiropractic care treatment center only when they are in pain, but instead to reap the benefits of the treatment itself.


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In search of an alternative treatment of muscular dysfunction? Chiropractic care can help stabilize and prevent muscular dysfunction. Muscular dysfunction is a form of muscle degeneration affecting around one out of 7000 people in the world. Muscular dysfunction causes muscle weakness and muscle loss, eventually leading patients to need a wheelchair. Chiropractic care in these cases can help slow down the degenerative disease and improve quality of life.

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