Chiropractic Care For Female Veterans

December 18, 2017 0

A recent study found that female veterans benefit from chiropractic care for chronic back pain. The American Chiropractic Association study called Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported that female veterans commonly suffer from back pain. Fortunately, veterans have access to chiropractic care through the Veterans Administration.

Most recently, a bill called Chiropractic Care For All Veterans was introduced to expand chiropractic care services throughout the VA, making chiropractic care a standard benefit for all veterans and a mandatory service option in every medical center. Today, many insurance companies won’t cover chiropractic care for non-veterans.

For decades, chiropractic care has been seen as just a holistic approach, but research has shown chiropractic care is greatly beneficial for those suffering from chronic joint pain or other diseases. Annually, over 35 million Americans receive chiropractic care.

When joints or the spine are misaligned, this can cause pain, nausea, headaches, and many other side effects that a doctor will probably issue a prescription for. Chiropractic care addresses subluxations and works by restoring mobility, improving function, flexibility and the overall central nervous system. Every NFL team has a chiropractor on staff to help relieve many problems of the wear and tear the players experience during a season.

Whether you are a veteran or just someone suffering from chronic pain, chiropractic care can be solution. What’s seen as “just a holistic approach” can actually improve your quality of life remarkably. If you have, you’ll question why you ever doubted chiropractic care.

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