Chiropractic Care For Menstrual Cycle Pain

July 4, 2018 0

When women go through their regular menstrual cycles, they have to endure a lot of sharp pain such as headaches, nausea, lower back pain and digestion problems. OTC and prescription drugs are the common treatment for menstrual cramps, but chiropractic care can be a better alternative treatment.

Why? To avoid the side-effects of drug treatments for menstrual cramps such as blood clotting, heart attacks, immune system suppression and gastrointestinal complications. Since back pain is a common symptom of menstrual cramps, it’s no surprise why chiropractic can help. Chiropractic care focuses on making sure there is optimal function between the spine and organs, including the reproductive ones. Addressing and realigning the subluxation causing the interference of the nervous system can reduce back pain significantly.

When a chiropractor performs an adjustment, the spine is realigned and this can decrease hot flashes, depression and headaches. It can also decrease fatigue and irritability. Another chiropractic technique that is highly recommended for menstrual cycle pain is the drop table technique — a technique that adjusts the lumbosacral area of the spine.

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