Chiropractic Care For Tension Headaches and Major Depression

A recent study by the New York Medical group found that chiropractic adjustments can relieve tension headaches and major depression.

Tension headaches can be caused by eye strain, muscle strains from poor posture, overexertion and vision problems and is linked to the autonomic nervous system. According to recent studies, chiropractic care is a way to reduce the frequency of pain, and the duration and intensity of headaches. For example, a study was conducted on 62 women suffering from tension headaches. The results showed that patients who received spinal adjustments showed improvements in their physical role, bodily pain, and social functioning one month after treatment. Another study that tested drug treatment versus chiropractic care for tension headaches showed that chiropractic adjustments had longer lasting benefits.

Major depression can be attributed to autonomic dysregulation, which is when the autonomic nervous system is affected causing orthostatic hypotension or dizziness and fainting. When it comes to depression the common treatment are drugs, which can actually cause more depression. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, causes no side effects and has not shown any evidence linking it to increasing depression. Studies just like the one performed on this 44-year-old woman have shown evidence that spinal adjustments may be therapeutic for disorders in the autonomic nervous system.

Most chiropractic patients can resume daily activities better than they did before treatment.

Other benefits of chiropractic care are:

  • Pain relief
  • Drug-free
  • Can be complemented with other treatments
  • Low risk
  • Can treat most back and neck pain problems
  • Improve overall well-being of cancer patients
  • Prevent joint dysfunction
  • Treat chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
  • Improve posture
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve mental health
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve sleep
  • Can increase energy and help with athletic performance