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Chiropractic Health Tips For Desk Jobs

November 29, 2017

Have neck or back pain related to your desk job? Desk jobs can be horrible for your posture and, most importantly, your spine which will lead to pain symptoms. In fact, studies suggest a sedentary state of more than 23 hours per week can lead to a higher risk in heart disease.  Although having a desk job may be inevitable, depending on your career, there are ways to work around it and improve your health.

Take Breaks

Try taking a short break every 30 minutes to stand, walk and/or stretch. Stretching and moving around will optimize your health.


Eight-hour days can be tough on the mind and body, but make the effort to hit the gym or do a physical activity like running a few days out of the week to keep your blood flowing instead of going straight to your couch to yet another sedentary situation.

Good Nutrition

First of all, eat a good healthy breakfast because you need a good overall focus and concentration. If not you’ll find yourself slouching and hunching over more often because of tiredness. For lunch avoid the greasy food trucks or restaurants and take your own lunch and snacks — composed fruits, vegetables, nuts and hummus.

Standing Desk and Stool

Probably hands down the best tip of them all. A knowledgeable chiropractor will recommend a standing desk along with a standing stool. A standing desk and stool are designed to have your computer screen sit at eye level while keeping your back from hunching over and strengthening your core.

Although unorthodox in a office, a good way to convince your boss is by getting a note from your chiropractor addressing your back concerns.

We have experience and in-depth knowledge regarding back or neck pain as a result of a desk job. Contact us for a chiropractic consultation today.

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