Consider Chiropractic Care Before Surgery


No one actually wants to undergo surgery. It can involve a long and drawn out recovery, and there are generally risks any time that you go under the knife. If you have significant back pain and your doctor is talking about surgery, one of the best things you can do is consider chiropractic care before you schedule any kind of back surgery.

The American Medical Association recommends chiropractic care before surgical options are explored when there is lower back pain. Even though surgery can provide relief, it is suggested that less invasive measures are explored first.

Chiropractic care has been proven as a safe and effective method for relieving lower back pain. It does not carry the risks that are associated with major surgery.

Understanding the spinal anatomy is important. You have the spinal column that protects the spinal cord and then there are nerve roots coming out between each of the vertebra. In many instances, chiropractic manipulation is able to adjust the disc so that there is better cushion. This will help with the shock absorption on the spine on a day-to-day basis. As posture improves and the spinal column is adjusted, it can give the body more flexibility and reduce the amount of pain.

Often, it is the general alignment of the spine that causes back pain. Over time, through spinal manipulation and other treatments, the alignment can be improved naturally as opposed to turning to surgery.

Surgery is considered a last resort. Whenever there is an incision, there is risk of blood loss, infection, and more. It is also going to require longer downtime. If this can be eliminated entirely, is certainly an option that you will want to explore. Every chiropractor is a little different in their approach and therefore you will want to talk to the chiropractor in order to find out what they recommend based upon your condition.

While a chiropractor may ultimately say that surgery is necessary, it will be easier to accept this knowing that you have tried more conservative measures first. Make an appointment with a chiropractor in order to get a diagnosis and establish a treatment plan that is customized for you and your issues. After several months, your condition can be reevaluated and then determine if surgery truly is necessary.

It is worth exploring and often times, insurance will cover the chiropractic care. This gives you a final chance at improving your spine and lower back before you have to consider going under the knife. If ever you make an appointment with a doctor or a spine specialist and they suggest surgery as the first and only suggestion, you may want to pause and make an appointment with a chiropractor to ensure that your best interests are being looked out for.