Should You Get Adjusted During Pregnancy?

October 29, 2014


There are a lot of things going on inside your body during a pregnancy. As the baby gets larger, there’s going to be more pressure on your lower back and your body is expected to provide more support to the extra weight. A chiropractic adjustment can be highly desirable to ensure that you get the help that is needed, but is it safe for the baby?

If you are used to hearing the snaps and pops of an adjustment, you may not think it’s something that is possible. However, you CAN get adjusted during pregnancy. It is simply a matter of finding a doctor that is familiar with the process to ensure that it is done properly. At Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation, we provide adjustments throughout the stages of pregnancy.

Not all chiropractic adjustments are possible for a pregnant woman and it is important that your chiropractor is aware of this. As your center of gravity changes, however, the alignment of your hips and spine can change and adjustments can be the best way to find relief from pain. With regular adjustments, you may be able to stay more active and avoid bed rest as you get closer to term.

There are even exam tables that can conform to the pregnant body. This way you don’t have to feel as though you are crushing baby while lying on the table.

It can be effective to go for adjustments throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy. This can help to align any joints that are not currently aligned and this will not only reduce spinal nerve stress, but also promote health throughout your body – which is particularly important when you are responsible for another life.

Additional training is required of a chiropractor that is offering prenatal care. The techniques won’t put unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and can provide you with incredible benefits.

Pregnancy is hard enough on its own. If your body is in pain because of misaligned joints, a compressed spine, or anything else, it can be even harder. There’s no reason for you to struggle through this pain for nine months. Chiropractic adjustments can and should be received so you can prepare your body and reduce some of the stress that is being experienced.

As you get closer to term, the adjustments can continue, though the actual techniques may evolve to compensate for your size as well as the position of the baby.

The adjustments can make pregnancy more enjoyable, so it is simply a matter of finding a chiropractor you feel comfortable with.

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