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How Chiropractors Diagnose and Treat Neck Pain

July 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after going to see your chiropractor for neck pain? What exactly do they do that seems to magically cure those recurring and annoying aches and pains as well as a stiff neck? 

How Neck Pain is Diagnosed 

First, like any other doctor, your chiropractor will discuss your medical history. He will then perform a complete evaluation of your spine as other areas of the neck may be the root of your pain. These include the mid back and lower back areas. As well, he may order an MRI or X-ray to make a proper diagnosis.

The goal of the chiropractor is to treat the individual as a whole, not just your specific ailment. A reputable chiropractor will not only treat your condition, but will also advise you in other areas such as lifestyle, stress management and proper nutrition. In addition, he may recommend therapeutic exercises to help reduce and eliminate your neck pain. These will also help improve your range of motion.

Most Common Methods Chiropractors Use to Treat Neck Pain

Specific Spinal Manipulation

In this method, a gentle thrusting technique is used to restore joint movement.

Instrument-Assisted Manipulation

Unlike the above method, your chiropractor will use a hand-held device to apply force without using a thrusting method.

Flexion-Distraction Technique

As opposed to direct force, this hands-on method applies a gentle pumping action to the intervertebral disc.

Interferential Electrical Stimulation

This form of treatment stimulates the neck muscles with a low frequency electrical current.

Ultrasound Therapy

To relieve pain and stiffness, ultrasound waves are sent to your tissues.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is used to provide relief to painful and tight points on a specific muscle in your neck.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy 

With this, your chiropractor will use a special instrument to treat tense muscles in your neck and other areas.

Manual Joint Stretching and Resistance Techniques

This form of therapy is used to relieve other symptoms as well as neck pain.

Therapeutic Massage

To relax tense muscles, many chiropractors use this less intrusive (and very relaxing) method.

Of course, your specific treatment plan will be outlined at your initial appointment with your chiropractor, They will take the time to discuss your treatment plan with you to make sure that you are fully aware of the process.

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