How the Holidays Can Cause You Back Pain

The holidays are meant to be enjoyable, but it is difficult to enjoy yourself when you are dealing with back pain. The holidays are a busy and sometimes stressful time of year, which can lead to a lot of sore backs. Here are some tips on how to avoid back pain for the holidays.

Doing it All on Your Own

Many people try and do everything all on their own. This includes baking, wrapping presents, shopping, and everything else. Remember that there are likely others who are willing to help you do some of these things. Take the help when it is offered to you. Try and delegate to other members of your family. It is also possible to use various services so that you don’t find yourself doing everything – and hurting your back in the process.

If you plan on purchasing a lot of heavy gifts and there is no one around to help you carry them from the store to your home, consider shopping online so that UPS or FedEx can be the one lifting all the way to your front door.

Lifting the Small Kids

The holidays are often when families come together. There may be little ones running around and you want nothing more than to scoop them up and play with them. If you are going to lift small kids, do so with your legs and not your back. Know your limits because some kids are easier to lift than others. Once they get above a certain age, it is going to be difficult to lift them, and you don’t want to throw out your back just because you wanted to show them how much you love them.

If your back is already bothering you, sit down and asked the kids to come to you. It’s easier for them to climb up onto your lap so that you can have some one-on-one time with them. After all, if you injure your back, you aren’t going to want to socialize with anyone because of the pain you will be in.

Not Taking Time to Rest

It can be tough around the holidays, but one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not taking enough time to rest. You may have a list of things to do a mile long, but none of it is going to get done if you hurt yourself to early on. Start some of the bigger projects sooner so that you aren’t feeling the holiday rush as significantly. Get at least six hours of sleep every night as well as that has an impact on how your body is able to heal. Getting enough sleep will make sure you are ready to go for everything else

Ultimately, it’s a great idea to see your chiropractor before the holidays get started so that your back is in the best possible shape. This can make it easier for you to enjoy yourself and do the things that you want to do without suffering from back pain along the way.