How to Live a 100 Year Lifestyle

March 10, 2015

A 100 year lifestyle is becoming a greater possibility with more people. It has been estimated that there are already more than 50,000 people in the United States who are over the age of 100. By the time the Baby Boomers reach the full extent of the golden years, there will be 60 million Americans who are over the age of 80.

Dr. Eric Plasker recently wrote a book called the 100 Year Lifestyle, which was written to help people live to be 100 and even past that. The first thing that he suggests is to have a vision to ensure that you are continuing to live with purpose.

The 100 Year Lifestyle also focuses on making sure that people have a lot of energy and that they are taking care of their health so they do not deteriorate too quickly. There’s no sense living to be that age if you cannot do it in the best of health.

Going to the doctor needs to be a top priority. Regular check ups can keep you informed about your health and help you take appropriate measures when necessary. This is the same for visiting the chiropractor. If you have aches and pains now, they may not go away on their own. Some kind of intervention may be needed where you need regular adjustments or even traction to help with compression of the spinal column.

Throughout the book, there are focuses on not only health, but also on wealth. With more people living to be 100 years old, this requires more money and more planning. Many people established 401ks and other forms of retirement with the idea that they would be using it for maybe 20 years past their retirement age.

This is not the case anymore because a person could live for another 15 or 20 years if they are taking care of themselves. You don’t want to be 100 and have no money left because you didn’t plan for a long life. There are chapters within this book that give you some ideas on what can be done now to set you up for a better life later on.

What you can do is start focusing on your health now. What you put into your body matters. You need to pay attention to what you eat. When you visit the chiropractor, dietary supplements can be discussed to ensure you are getting all of the needed vitamins and minerals into your diet. X-rays can also be taken to look at degeneration of discs, curvatures, and anything else that may need to be dealt with so you don’t experience back pain for the next 20+ years of your life.

The 100 year lifestyle is becoming more and more common. If you plan for it and you do all that you can to maintain your health, it’s very possible for you to live to see 100 as well.

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