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Treat Numbness and Tingling with Chiropractic

Chiropractic care has been an acceptable form of treatment for musculoskeletal aches for centuries.  Statistics show  more than 30 million Americans receive chiropractic care every year.  Considering the numbers, it’s safe to say that it’s an effective treatment method and trusted by many around the globe. Moreover, people prefer non-invasive methods of treatment, thereby increasing the demand and making it a patient-compliant option.

Numbness and tingling are two sensations that chiropractic care can help address.  They are often felt in the toes, fingers, feet, and arms.

What is Numbness

The feeling of numbness can be defined as the sudden disappearance of sensations from the affected area.

What is Tingling

The sudden sensation of needles pricking the skin is regarded as tingling. In scientific terms, it is known as Paraesthesia.

Collectively or individually, these sensations can disrupt the daily life of the suffering individual. The greater mystery is the underlying cause behind numbness and tingling.  Research suggests there is more than one cause behind them; they might be due to reduced blood flow to the vessels, migraines, nerve injury at the site, etc. 

The point of attention is; what can be done to reduce the feeling of numbness and tingling? An effective, reasonable and permanent solution is required to help individuals with their suffering. The answer lies within chiropractic methods.

How Does a Chiropractor Help With Numbness and Tingling

Once a doctor has examined the patient and confirmed the diagnosis, chiropractic care can begin.  IIn most cases, they will perform the required spinal adjustment to remove the restriction and pressure from the nerve cells. Furthermore, the chiropractor may also perform procedures to eliminate the misalignments and address the root cause.

In most cases chiropractic care is a safe procedure with no side effects as it is non-invasive. The majority of individuals have reported seeing improvement after 5-10 visits to a licensed and trained chiropractor. Try it for yourself and see the magic.

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